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John Rae's Celtic Feet began life in Edinburgh, Scotland in 1998 and over a five year period recorded two critically acclaimed albums Celtic Feet and Beware The Feet for the record label Caber Music.

'With the growing of Scotland's nationhood, so too has grown its creative identity, and in the area of jazz, a fresh, new vibrant sound has arrived. John Rae's Celtic Feet use jazz as a base, original compositions that use traditional motifs and jazz harmony to create a distinctly Scottish sound where free improvisation and traditional Celtic music each has an equal voice'. Guardian

The ensemble included jazz pianist Brian Kellock, saxophonist Phil Bancroft, bassist Mario Caribe and John Rae on drums along side two of Scotlands leading traditional musicians, violinist Eilidh Shaw and concertina player Simon Thoumire.

'Six musicians with a loyalty to tradition mixed with a passion to experiment and improvise, helping to create a new sound to accompany a new millennium'. Herald

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