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David Binney (saxophone) 

Duane Eubanks (trumpet)

Matt Penman (bass)

Mark Lockett (drums)

Recorded on July 20, 2022 at Samurai Hotel Recording Studio, New York City 

Engineered and mixed by David Stoller 

Mastered by Mike Marciano Systems Two Long Island N.Y.


Special thanks 

Veronica Hodgkinson, Lucien Johnson, Paul Van Ross, Pauline Bellany (artwork) and Riley Claxton (album design and layout).

TH013 Mark Lockett Swings and Roundabouts

  1. The Crib 3.48

  2. Out on parole 5.55

  3. Rhubarb crumble 5.50

  4. G&T 3.49

  5. Here’s to Ornette 4.43

  6. Post gig blues 5.38

  7. Virtual reality 4.12 

  8. Happy go lucky 5.25 

  9. Level 4 3.15

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Mark Lockett
Swings & Roundabouts'
Feb 1, 2023


During the COVID19 lockdown Mark had been listening to a lot of Ornette Coleman's chordless recordings, in particular with his fellow musicians Don Cherry, Charlie Haden and Ed Blackwell. He had also been checking out a lot of contemporary jazz and, had been noticing how many composers write music in odd time signatures.  "For me it makes the music sound fresh and interesting". 


This was the inspiration behind the music he composed for this album ‘Swings and roundabouts’. After a two and a half  year wait due to border restrictions Mark finally got the opportunity to travel to New York and collaborate with amazing musicians and also an A team of engineers.  "It’s such a joy to work with a crew who record jazz music every day".

“The virtuosity of the blowing, with its dazzling chromatic runs and splintered arpeggiations sometimes infuses the gritty nocturnal soundworld of Coleman/Cherry with the slicker vitality of the likes of saxophonists Greg Osby and Steve Coleman”

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