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1. Behemoth of the Bathyal Wastes

( CPL Michael Costeloe)

2. View to the Sea

(LAC James Guilford)

3. Let's Not Fall in Love

(LAC Seth Boy)

4. Birds of Prey

(CPL Blair Latham)

5. Drifting

(Anita Schwabe)

6. Royal Blue

(CPL Oscar Laven)

7. Pigeons - Reprise

( CPL Blair Latham)

Kaiwhakatere - Navigator is a collection of New Zealand compositions which dives into the metaphorical and literal thoughts behind someone, or something, navigating through its own existence. From deep within the bathyal zone and drifting through relationships, to viewing the sea from up high on land or in fact flying above and spotting your next target, we are all navigators of some sort. We pay special tribute to Anita Schwabe for her efforts on ‘Drifting’. A piece inspired by the Sam Hunt poem ‘My White Ship’ that leaves the listener really feeling the gentle pull and release of the tides.

We hope you enjoy listening to this album.




CPL Oscar Laven alto saxophone
CPL Hayden Hockley alto saxophone
CPL Blair Latham  tenor saxophone, clarinet
LAC Louisa Williamson tenor saxophone, flute
SGT Andre Paris baritone saxophone


SGT Ben Hunt trumpet
LAC Cam Robertson trumpet
CPL Mike Costeloe trumpet
LAC James Guilford trumpet, flugel horn



LAC Kaito Walley trombone
SGT Mike Ashton trombone
LAC Sarah Rathbun trombone
SGT Kelvin Payne bass trombone
F/S Ben Robertson* bass trombone


LAC Leonardo Coghini piano
LAC Seth Boy double Bass
LAC Darren Mathiassen drums


LAC Stephanie Paris vocals
LAC Frank Talbot** clarinet

*Tracks 2 and 5

**Tracks 4 and 6


Mr Alistair Isdale 

Recorded by Mike Gibson at Massey Studio
Mixed and edited by Alistair Isdale
Mastered by Troy Kelly at The Armory Studio
Produced by Alistair Isdale and LAC John Rae

Photography by LAC John Rae

Copyright © Royal New Zealand Air Force Band 2023


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