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Piano/Voice Bruce Brown

Bass Tom Warrington

Drums John Rae

Guitar Noel Clayton

Sax/Flute Roger Manins

All songs written and arranged by Bruce Brown

Produced and Mixed by Norman Meehan

Engineered by Neil Maddever

Architect of wit and charm, jazz composer, vocalist and pianist Bruce Brown’s third album is available for immediate release. The California born song writer has been described as having the ability to compose songs which are ‘sophisticated and worthy of  the 'Great American Songbook’. And ‘His songs are like potato chips, once you hear one, you'll wanna hear all of them’.

Nobody’s Foolin' Anyone exemplifies Brown’s timeless lyricism and wordplay. Accompanied by a band of world class international jazz musicians who complement his tongue and cheek narratives, the smooth vocals and swinging tunes draw the listener in and leave them wanting more.

Bruce Brown - Nobody's Foolin' Anyone

1. You're Lips Are Warm Your Heart Is Cold

2. It's A Good Time To Be A Man

3. Nobody's Foolin' Anyone

4. I've Got You Covered

5. Leave Me Out Of It

6. Age of Ignoramus

7. Living Out of The Suitcase Of My Heart

8. Let The Demons Run Amok

9. The Less I Need The Better I Feel

10. Will We Do it To Ourselves?

11. Next Time

12. Back To The Cave

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