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1. Sol Draconi Septum (Wilcock)

2. La Rosita (Fenton, O'Keefe)

3. Groovin high (Gillespie)

4. First Gate (Wilcock)

5. The Butterfly (traditional)

6. T'ien Shan (Wilcock)

7. Aenea (Wilcock)

8. The Stinger (Wilcock)

9. Chitchatuk (Wilcock)

10. The Secret life of Music (Wilcock)

11. Star Eyes (De Paul, Raye)

Recorded at Sandbox Studios Wellington, Nov 2020

Recorded by Benni Krueger

Mixed and mastered by Lorenzo Bhune and Bennie Krueger

TH011 Ben Wilcock - The River Tethys

Jazz and Sci-Fi don’t typically mix - In his latest album ‘The River Tethys’, Wilcock breaks away from conventionality in his most contemporary project to date through an eclectic mix of harmonic centers and brave improvisation

The first single Aenea is based on the characteristics of Aenea – a protagonist in the sci-fi novel saga Hyperion which is the inspiration for new album ‘The River Tethys’

The vinyl album is set for release on August 20th 2021 and features eleven unique compositions by Wilcock, who is joined by award winning drummer John Rae, violinist Tristan Carter and Dan Yeabsley on double bass

Each track on ‘The River Tethys’ is based on different unique worlds explored by protagonists within the sci-novel

Wilcock performed ‘The River Tethys’ during The Wellington Jazz Festival on June 11th at the iconic music venue Meow

The first single Aenea was released on Spotify May 21st 2021 and the full album will be available on CD and Vinyl from August 20

Ben Wilcock - piano

John Rae - drums

Dan Yeabsley - bass

Tristan Carter - violin

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