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John Rae and Ben Wilcock are joined by bassist Patrick Bleakley on this 15 song collaboration  of original material. Featuring guest artists Kevin Murray, Jabin Ward and Daniel Yeabsley this is jazz for the 21st Century, with chaos and beauty this album will take the listener to places they never expected. 

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Not many bands, jazz or otherwise, choose to record in a studio in front of a live audience. Drummer Mark Lockett explains the reasons - “First of all we wanted a good sound. That’s why we travelled to Auckland. We knew Olly Harmer at The Lab, and he knows jazz and how to record bands live. Second, we wanted to have the feeling of a live gig- the vibe and the interplay with the crowd”.

Throughout the performance the listener gets the feel of being at the live studio session. The trio feeds off the energy of the situation which is demonstrated in their expansive improvisations and interactive playing.

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